Seaworthy Magazine

April 2015

  • Thumbnail photo of boarding a boatBoating Safety Overview

    Lessons learned from a review of boating accident statistics.

  • Thumbnail photo of the aftermath of a boat collisionCOLREGS

    The COLREGS or Navigation Rules govern our responsibilities as vessel operators, both in inland and international waters.

  • Thumbnail photo of oil sample analysisOil Sample Analysis

    Oil is the lifeblood of your engine, an oil analysis can identify potential problems before they become major ones.

  • Thumbnail photo of boat wiring problemsAnswers To Photo Challenge #1

    Answers to photo posted in this issue of Seaworthy Magazine with a least one boating safety-related issue. Did You find it?

  • Overloaded pontoon boatAlert

    Capsizing risk for pontoon boats outfitted with hardtops, wheel bearing failures on trailers, boat lift safety and more ...

  • Lightning damage to a powerboatMailboat

    Lightning strikes, bilge pumps, covered moorages, life jacket classification and more ...

  • Thumbnail photo of Kidde fire extinguishersSmall Stuff

    Kidde fire extinguisher recall, driverless boat testing, E15 fuel availability and more ...

  • Thumbnail photo of Richard SchwartzCrossing The Bar

    Richard Schwartz's legacy lives on in BoatUS, a strong organization that has been forged around his deep commitment to boat owners.