Seaworthy Magazine

April 2014


  • Sunken boatKeeping Your Boat Afloat

    An analysis of a year's worth of sinking files reveals the 10 most common reasons that boats end up under the water.

  • Marelon seacockWhat's Below Your Waterline?

    Seacocks fall into the 'out of sight, out of mind' category for many boat owners ... until they are needed.

  • Boat inspectionABYC's Boat System Check Reveals Common Issues

    Complicated maintenance jobs can really put your boat and crew in danger if it's not done to ABYC safety standards.

  • Boat batteryLithium-Ion Batteries: Handle With Care

    For most recreational boaters, the expense and risks still outweigh the benefits of this rapidly-evolving technology.

  • Seacock with bronze boltsSeacock Installation

    The good, bad and the downright ugly. Questionable seacock installations.

  • EPIRB in the trashAlert

    Proper EPIRB disposal, nav lights checkup and more ...

  • Victoria ClipperSmall Stuff

    Fuel additives, taking a Seattle ferry for a joy ride, the "worst" boat horror and more ...

  • Rusty mooring chainMailboat

    More on moorings, maintenance horror stories and signaling clarifications.

  • Boat hit by treeBest Laid Plans

    Jay Hersch keeps his trailerable boat in the driveway. When Sandy came through in October of 2012, the boat should have been quite safe.