Seaworthy Magazine

October 2013


  • Top ten BoatUS Marine Insurance claimsTop Ten Claims

    In 2005, Seaworthy looked at the top 10 claims for the BoatUS Marine Insurance Program. We revisit our findings to see what has changed.

  • Neglected outboard over winter Long Winter's Nap

    Protect, maintain, and drain your outboard before putting it to bed so it will be raring to go come spring.

  • Sailboat mast secured for travelNavigating The Asphalt Ocean

    What you need to know if you transport your boat overland.

  • Gasoline pump with 10% ethanol stickerThe Ethanol Debate

    Ever since E10 became widespread, there have been two schools of thought when it comes to winterizing your boat: Keep the tank full, or empty it completely.

  • Sinking powerboat tied to dockAlert

    Consider these important lessons when putting your boat away for winter.

  • Sailboat run agroundSmall Stuff

    Marauding otters, runaway boats, nonboating thieves and more ...

  • Digital multimeterMailboat

    More on ESD, inspecting older sailboats, MMSI and trailerable boat theft.

  • Putting out a boat fireSharing Lessons From The Front Lines

    To keep your boat from succumbing, to keep it seaworthy, takes hard-won knowledge amassed over decades.