Seaworthy Magazine

October 2012


  • Golden Gate BridgeBoating On The West Coast

    Readers quotes and photos paint a picture of what it's like to go boating on the West Coast.

  • SwellA Swell Story

    Any surfer can tell you one way the West Coast is unique: Average swell heights are significantly higher than anywhere else in the country. As this story from a reader proves, that swell can be deadly.

  • Clatsop Spit south jettyWhere Big Waves Meet Shallow Water

    While a large swell rarely causes more than discomfort in deep water, in shallow water it can produce dangerous, breaking waves capable of capsizing even relatively big boats.

  • Little girl jumping off dockRaising Awareness About Electric Shock Drowning

    When ESD accidents are finally identified, the victims families' are usually unaware that swimming from an energized dock is dangerous.

  • Trailer boatInspecting Older Boats Runabouts And Center Cockpits

    A proper inspection of a boat is simply a matter of knowing where to look for the most common problems.