Seaworthy Magazine

July 2012


  • Small boat passing container shipAvoiding Collisions With Big Ships

    It seems straightforward. The best way not to get run over by a merchant ship is to get out of the way. Quickly.

  • Entertaining aboardSeaworthiness Vs. Style

    Boat manufacturers have improved the overall safety of their products enormously, but there is still the tendency with some to be swayed by the marketing department rather than the engineers.

  • Mike McCookMeet The BoatUS CAT Team: Mike McCook

    After a hurricane, tornado, flood, marina fire, or blizzard, his job is to coordinate the daunting job of salvaging boats.

  • Little girl jumping off dockUSCG's Search For Prop Guard Test Protocol

    Tests tend to be contradictory and there is a wide disparity of opinion on how well prop guards work or even if they work at all.