Seaworthy Magazine

April 2012


  • Mechanic working on boat engineEthanol And Older Engines

    What is it about older boats that make them more susceptible to ethanol's well-known problems?

  • Boat's main electrical panel fireHow To Install Electrical Items

    The result of improper installation of an electrical items on your boat could be the potential for a catastrophic fire.

  • Inspecting boat engineInspecting Middle-Aged Boats

    A well-built boat will age gracefully, but after about 10 years, some components start to show their age and there are certain areas that need a closer look.

  • Family fun on a powerboatAvoiding Propeller Injuries

    How to avoid one of boating's most horrific accidents by following a few simple rules.

  • Spring safety checklistSpring Safety Checklist

    Don't launch the boat until you've taken an hour or two going over this thorough checklist! Downloadable PDF format.