Seaworthy Magazine

April 2011


  • Lightning in the night skySurviving A Lightning Strike

    What happened to one boat and its six-person crew after a direct lightning strike at the top of the boat's mast.

  • Stray current corrosionOutdrive Corrosion Mysteries

    Corrosion seems simple — something metallic flakes off a few layers of rust or a cheap fitting crumbles in your hand — but its causes on a boat can be puzzling.

  • Planing hull boat Want to Know How a Boat Will Perform?

    Planing hulls are defined by straight sections and a sharp chine, both of which help to reduce the rolling motion encountered in a beam sea.

  • Prop snagged lobster potThings That Go Bump On The Hull

    How to avoid shallows, stumps, shoals, rocks and other mostly underwater obstructions that can damage your boat.