Boating Glossary

When you're new to boating some nautical words might not be easy to understand, so we have provided a basic introduction to some of the most common terminology.

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To secure a line.


A radio distress call.


A tool for opening the strands of a rope while splicing.


Approximately in the location equally distant from the bow and stern.


A ball woven out of line used to provide heft to heave the line to another location.


Single hull boat in contrast to a multihull such as a catamaran or a trimaran.


An arrangement for securing a boat to a mooring buoy or a pier.


Wire, manila, or nylon rope used to secure a ship; named from forward aft: number one bow line, number two after bow spring, number three forward bow spring, number four breast line, number five after quarter spring, number six forward quarter spring, number seven stern line.

MV (OR M.V.)

Prefix for "Motor Vessel", used before a ship's name.

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