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Obtain A Free MMSI Number

Before you begin...

The information you provide to obtain an MMSI number from BoatU.S. Is transferred into the Coast Guard MISLE database for use in Search and Rescue. That database also contains boat information obtained from state registrations and federal documentations, and other government agencies may have access to your data through this database.
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  • A. Please be sure to have the following items handy when completing the application.
    1. Up to two Emergency contact names as well as the home and work or cell phone number of each.
    2. Any Vessel Wireless telephone or cell phone numbers used on board.
    3. Vessel Documentation or State Registration Number
    4. If applicable, you may also include an EPIRB ID Code.
    5. If you are a BoatUS member, please include your member number.
    6. The MMSI number is assigned to the vessel, not the radio. All radios, whether fixed installations or handheld, associated with the same vessel should all use the same MMSI number.
    B. Helpful information regarding the website.
    1. Telephone numbers should be entered as ten digits without parenthesis or dashes.
    2. If you are unsure about the definition of a field, just click on the field name.
    3. Upon Completion of the application you will receive a confirmation screen with your new MMSI number as well as an email confirmation at the address provided on the application.
    4. We suggest recording your MMSI number, along with the login name and password you created, in the owner's manual for the radio, as well as printing a copy of the MMSI Certificate, writing the login and password on it, and filing it with the rest of your ship’s papers.
    5. For a thorough explanation of how the DSC System works, be sure to check out the VHF/DSC Radio Tutorial on the MMSI homepage.
    6. If you would like to learn more about the BoatUS MMSI registration web site, MMSI numbers, DSC-capable VHF radios, or the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System, be sure to read the About section of this web site.