Products To Rock Your Boat

By Mark Corke and Dustin King

Choosing gifts can be tough. Here’s a selection that any boater would be pleased to receive.

Pro Tap Controller

This jackplate controller from SeaStar Systems can memorize preset motor-heights and synchronize up to three jackplates at once. But it gets its name from its ability to fine tune motor height with one touch. Simply tap the stalk up and the jackplate will come up a quarter inch. Two taps equals a half inch, and three, three-quarters, and so on. Works with your current hydraulic jackplate or can be part of a new system by adding Pro Trim stalks. $370 |

Water Bottle Or Washdown?

Photo of Aquabot water bottles

The Aquabot from Lunatec features a spray nozzle that can produce a mist, stream, or shower pattern using pressure from a manual pump built in to the top. With pressures as high as 35 psi, it can shoot a stream of water 25 feet. You're more likely to use it to spray something closer, like sand and salt off your gear, feet, dog, or kids. Available as the lid only for $20, which fits many standard "wide mouth" water bottles, or with the bottle, as big as 32 ounces. $27 |

BOLT Locks

One of the best ways to deter theives from your boat and trailer is to utilize a lock. The downside is another key on that already bulging key chain. BOLT locks remove that obstacle by using the vehicle ignition key. Before the first use, a protective sticker is removed from the lock, the ignition key is inserted, turned, and voilà, the lock is now programmed to only your key, and can't be operated with any other. Trailer locks, receiver locks, coupler-pin locks, and padlocks are all available to suit many popular vehicle brand keys. $31.99 (receiver lock) |

JBL Marine Receiver

Photo of a JBL marine receiver

Many so-called marine stereos are simply relabeled auto units. The JBLPRV175 from Prospec electronics has been designed from the ground up for life on the water. Mounting the circular unit requires just a 3.5-inch hole, so there are few boats where it cannot be installed. Featuring Bluetooth audio streaming, USB input, and a four-way, 45-watt audio output, it's powerful enough for any trailer boater. $199.95

Ray 50

The smallest in a trio of new VHF radios from Raymarine, the Ray 50 will fit into even the smallest of consoles. At only 6.5 by 3.5 inches, it can be either flush-mounted, or set on a bracket that's included in the box. There's a clear, easy-to-read backlit display. Channel changing is a breeze, even while wearing gloves, thanks to the large rotary knob. Menu options and channel switching can be also accomplished from the mic. Compatible with NMEA 0183 and NMEA 2000 networks, connections to a GPS or chartplotter are straightforward, allowing the user access to DSC options. $225 |

Rigid Industries Capture

What it is: An LED light bar optimized for filming with a GoPro (not included) for your boat (or truck). The bright white LEDs shine enough light for the GoPro to capture clear images, and the system keeps the camera charged up so you never have to worry about it going dead. It's IP68 rated (waterproof), so as long as you have the memory cards, you can film entire fishing trips. $599 |


Photo of aLOCSAK waterproof bags

What it is: A waterproof (down to 200 feet) plastic bag that will protect your smartphone or tablet onboard. Of course, that's been done before. The cool thing is, you can take any touchscreen electronics underwater and actually use them. The aLOKSAK turns your phone into an underwater camera. You can record video with sound, and make calls with it in the sack. Multiple sizes are available, starting around $8 |

TH Marine KVD Kong

What it is: A new mounting bracket system for your electronics, built to accept even the largest units. Made from aircraft aluminum, this thing is like a rock; no more breaking brackets in rough water. Developed in partnership with Kevin VanDam, it's also easily installed, so you can remove your electronics and keep them from getting stolen. $349 | 

— Published: Fall 2015


  • On-the-road assistance for your trailer and vehicle
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