Photo collage of boat trailering and boat maintenance

2015 Guide To Trailering

Published: Spring 2015
Toyota 4-Runner towing a bass boat

The Truck

Tow Vehicles 2015
Workhorse or family cruiser? Today's pickups offer surprising amounts of space and luxury.

Tow Capacity Math
Can your truck tow the boat you want? It's easy to figure out.

Tow Rating 2015
Ratings for 2015 tow vehicles Audi Q7, BMW X6, Cadillac Escalade, Ford Edge and many more.

Thumbnail photo of compressor wiring

Preparing To Tow A Boat
A little planning and preparation can keep your trailer off the side of the road.

Safe Driving While Towing A Boat
Using the right precautions and driving defensively will keep everyone safer when towing.

Adding Airlift To Your Suspension
A level connection between your trailer and tow vehicle, which improves stability, is easier to achieve if you have adjustable suspension.

Thumbnail photo of backing up the tow vehicle using sideview mirror

Tips For Launching And Loading Your Boat
Four simple steps to launching a trailerable boat from a boat ramp.

How To Load The Boat On Your Trailer
Step by step guide on how to retrieve your boat from the water and load it on the trailer.


Thumbnail photo of connecting lighting and wiring to the trailer

The Trailer

Buying A Used Trailer
Before you dive in and purchase this new-to-you boat, be sure to give the trailer a good examination.

What To Expect When You Call For Help
Before Trailer Assist can send a tow truck, they'll want a few details about your trailer.

Thumbnail photo of replacing winch strap

Choosing The Right Hitch To Tow Your Boat
How to tow your boat using heavy-duty equipment rated to handle significant loads.

Replacing A Boat Trailer Winch
Replacing your boat trailer's winch is a straightforward project that can be tackled in less than an hour.

Replacing Trailer Bunk Covers
Replace worn trailer bunks before they damage your gelcoat, as you shake, rattle, and roll down the road.

Thumbnail photo of marine wheel bearing grease

How To Change And Repack Wheel Bearings
Tips on repacking or replacing worn wheel bearings on your boat trailer tires.

Keeping Wheel Bearings Maintained
All grease is not created equal. Even grease labeled "marine" can be incompatible with use on boat trailers.


Thumbnail photo of covered boat rolling down the highway

The Boat

Small-Boat Handling
When maneuvering your boat, some basic boating skills will keep you safe on the water.

Boat Covers That Work
Tips for selecting a boat cover that stands up to the rigors of highway speeds.

Fishfinders Under $400
Imagers are now available in smaller, more affordable units, making them ideal for small craft, including kayaks.

Thumbnail photo of boat handling in rough seas

Boat Cooler Basics
No matter the size of your boat, a cooler is essential. Here are a few ways to get the most out of yours.

Required Boating Safety Equipment
Make sure you carry these items on board to stay safe (and legal!) on the water.

The Off Ramp
You've witnessed tales on the road or at the ramp that range from heart-stopping to hilarious. Here are some of our favorites.

How-To Videos For Small Boats
Highlights from our Guide To Trailering video playlist. Find our collection of How-To, Skills, and DIY videos focused on trailerable boats.



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