Entertaining On A Boat Under 20 Feet

Just because you've got a trailerable boat, it doesn't mean potato chips and warm drinks are acceptable.

Heat It Up

A portable butane stove costs less than $100, takes up almost no storage space, and can be set up on any flat surface. It runs off a canister the size of a can of WD-40. It can extend your Saturday boating right through the weekend by giving you the option for a simple hot meal even when your anchorage doesn't have a drive-through. Just don't store multiple canisters aboard; like propane, butane is heavier than air and can accumulate in the bilge. Take the stove and the butane off the boat at the end of the weekend.

— Beth Leonard

Space-Saving Cool-Down

For a simpler alternative to keep things cool, consider insulated cooler bags. They come in all shapes and sizes. Buy two and nest them to double the cold time. Start with a layer of frozen drinks on the bottom, put only pre-refrigerated things inside, cover the top layer with a folded towel, and keep the whole thing in the shade. The contents will stay close to refrigerator temperature for somewhere between 12 and 24 hours.

— B.L.

Ready With Food

Make a small starter-kit food basket, and keep an idea list inside, for when you're invited on short notice to raft with other boats and asked to bring a snack. It should have napkins, plastic plates, plastic ware, a sharp knife, and a small plastic garbage bag. Also, tuck a few emergency snacks inside such as cans/jars of nuts, olives, and so on. Keep those cans in Ziplocs to avoid rust. 

— Claire Wyngaard

— Published: Fall 2014


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