Tow Ratings 2014

MakeEngineDriveTow Capacity
MDX3.5L V6AWD5,000 lbs
Q52.0L 4 cylinderAWD4,400 lbs
Q73.0L V6AWD6,600 lbs w/tow pkg
Enclave3.6L V6AWD/FWD2,000-4,500 lbs
X32.0L I-4AWD3,000 lbs
X53.0L I-6AWD6,000 lbs
X63.0L I-6AWD6,000 lbs
Escalade6.2L V8RWD8,300 lbs
 6.2L V8AWD8,100 lbs
Escalade ESV6.2L V8RWD8,000 lbs
 6.2L V8AWD7,700 lbs
SRX3.6L V6AWD3,500 lbs w/tow pkg
Avalanche5.3L V8RWD/4WD8,100 lbs
Equinox3.6L V6FWD/AWD3,500 lbs
Express (van)4.8L V8RWD6,700-9,700 lbs
 5.3L V8AWD6,000 lbs
 5.3L V8RWD6,200 lbs
Silverado 15004.3L V6RWD6,300-6,400 lbs
 5.3L V8RWD9,300-10,200 lbs
Silverado 2500HD6.0L V8RWD10,200-13,000 lbs
 6.6L V8RWD13,000 lbs
Silverado 3500HD6.0L V8RWD13,000-14,100 lbs
 6.0L V84WD13,000-18,000 lbs**
 6.6L V84WD13,000 lbs
Suburban 15005.3L V8RWD8,100 lbs
  4WD8,000 lbs
Tahoe5.3L V84WD8,200 lbs
  RWD8,500 lbs
Traverse3.6L V6AWD/FWD5,200 lbs
Town & Country3.6L V6FWD3,600 lbs w/tow pkg
Durango3.6L V6RWD6,200 lbs
 5.7L V8RWD7,400 lbs
Grand Caravan3.6L V6FWD3,600 lbs
Journey3.6L V6FWD2,500 lbs
Edge3.5L V6FWD/AWD3,500 lbs w/tow pkg
Escape2.0L I-4
FWD/4WD3,500 lbs w/tow pkg
Expedition5.4L V8RWD9,200 lbs w/tow pkg
Explorer3.5L V6FWD/4WD5,000 lbs w/tow pkg
Flex3.5L V6FWD/AWD4,500 lbs w/tow pkg
F1503.5L V6RWD8,000-11,300 lbs
 3.7L V6RWD5,500-6,700 lbs
 5.0L V8RWD8,000-10,000 lbs
 6.2L V8RWD9,700-11,300 lbs
F250 (regular cab)6.2L V8RWD (SRW*)12,500 lbs
F350 (regular cab)6.7L V8RWD (DRW**)15,000 lbs
F450 (crew cab)6.7L V84WD (DRW**)18,500 lbs
Acadia3.6L V6FWD/AWD5,200 lbs
Savana6.2L V8RWD6,000-10,000 lbs
Sierra 15004.3L V6RWD6,400 lbs
 4.8L V6RWD7,300 lbs
Sierra 1500 Denali6.2L V8AWD13,000 lbs
Sierra 2500HD6.6L V8RWD13,000 lbs
Sierra 3500HD6.0L V8RWD13,000 lbs
Terrain3.0L V6FWD3,500 lbs
Yukon5.3L V8RWD8,500 lbs
Yukon XL 1/2-ton5.3L V8RWD8,100 lbs
Odyssey3.5L V6FWD3,500 lbs w/tow pkg
Pilot3.5L V64WD4,500 lbs w/tow pkg
Ridgeline3.5L V64WD5,000 lbs w/tow pkg
Santa Fe Sport2.4L 4-cylinderFWD3,500 lbs
Santa Fe3.3L V6FWD5,000 lbs
QX603.5L V6FWD5,000 lbs w/tow pkg
QX705.0L V8AWD3,500 lbs
QX805.6L V8RWD/AWD8,500 lbs
Compass2.4L I-4FWD2,000 lbs w/tow pkg
Grand Cherokee5.7L V84WD7,400 lbs
 3.0L Diesel4WD7,300 lbs w/tow pkg
Patriot2.4L4WD2,000 lbs
Wrangler3.6L V64WD2,000 lbs
Sorento LX3.5L V6AWD3,500 lbs
Sportage2.4L I-4FWD2,000 lbs
Land Rover
Evoque2.0L I-4AWD3,500 lbs
LR22.0L I-4AWD3,500 lbs
LR43.0L V64WD7,716 lbs
Range Rover Sport5.0L V84WD7,716 lbs
RX 3503.5L V6AWD/FWD3,500 lbs w/tow pkg
GX 4604.6L V84WD6,500 lbs
LX 5705.7L V84WD7,000 lbs
MKX3.7L V6FWD/AWD3,500 lbs
MKT3.5L V6AWD4,500 lbs w/tow pkg
 3.7L V6FWD4,500 lbs w/tow pkg
Navigator5.4L V84WD8,700 lbs
CX93.7L V6AWD/FWD3,500 lbs w/tow pkg
Mercedes Benz
GL3503.0L V6AWD7,500 lbs
G5505.5L V8AWD7,500 lbs
ML3503.5L V6AWD6,600 lbs
Outlander3.0L V6AWD3,500 lbs
Armada5.6L V82WD8,200 lbs w/tow pkg
Frontier4.0L V6RWD6,300 lbs
Murano3.5L V6AWD/FWD3,500 lbs
Pathfinder3.5L V6FWD/4WD5,000 lbs
Quest3.5L V6FWD3,500 lbs
Titan King Cab5.6L V8RWD7,400-9,500 lbs
Xterra4.0L V6RWD5,000 lbs


4.8L V8AWD7,716 lbs
Ram Trucks
15003.6L V6RWD4,200-9,250 lbs
 5.7L V8RWD6,550-10,450 lbs
25005.7L V8RWD11,070-13,860 lbs
35006.7L DieselRWD15,620-30,000 lbs
Forester2.5L 4-cylinderAWD1,500 lbs
Outback2.5L 4-cylinderAWD2,700 lbs
Tribeca3.6L 6-cylinderAWD3,500 lbs w/tow pkg
4Runner4.0L V6RWD4,700 lbs
FJ Cruiser4.0L V64WD4,700 lbs
Highlander3.5L V6FWD5,000 lbs
Land Cruiser5.7L V84WD8,500 lbs
Sequoia5.7L V8RWD7,400 lbs
Sienna3.5L V6FWD3,500 lbs
Tacoma2.7L 4-cylinderRWD3,500 lbs
Tacoma Access4.0L V64WD6,500 lbs w/tow pkg
Tundra4.6L V8RWD10,400 lbs w/tow pkg
Tiguan2.0L I-4FWD2,200 lbs
Touareg3.6L V6AWD7,716 lbs w/tow pkg
XC 603.2L I-6AWD4,400 lbs
XC 703.0L I-6AWD4,400 lbs
XC 903.2L I-6FWD/AWD4,950 lbs
* Denotes Single Rear Wheel Drive      
** Denotes Dual Rear Wheel Drive  

NOTE: Capacities were checked for accuracy before publication, but readers should verify all info themselves, as they are subject to change.


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