This Floating Life

Published: Fall 2013

Here are a few clever suggestions to make your day on the water more pleasant.

Photo of decorative melamine dishes

Remove Stains From Melamine Dishes

Add denture cleaner to water, boil it, and pour it into the cups or dishes. Let sit.


Jellyfish Stings

Adolph's Meat Tenderizer or white vinegar breaks down proteins, and should help neutralize the venom. Rinse well after applying to wash any lingering stinging cells off your skin.


Oh, For A Hot Shower At The End Of The Day!

Photo of a garden insecticide sprayer

We've all seen the black-bag sun showers, which work pretty well but are sometimes awkward to set up on small boats, rather small for two or three people to take a decent freshwater shower, and limited in capacity. Here's a better idea. Buy a garden insecticide sprayer at your local hardware store. Remove the fine-mist sprayer, replace it with a kitchen-sink sprayer, and secure that with little hose clamps for a tight fit. Sew a dark-color cover to fit snugly over the canister, with a hole at the top for the pump handle and cap to fit through. Now, fill with fresh water, and securely tie it somewhere aboard so it absorbs the heat of the sun. When it's time for your shower, pump the top of the canister, which creates pressure inside, and spray away! You'll have the pleasure of a hot shower, easy control over the sprayer, and great water pressure. (Note: You can also spray-paint the sprayer with black paint.)End of story marker


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