Take Care Of Your Trailer

Published: Fall 2013

And it will take care of your boat.

Photo of a class 3 hitch on the front of a two-wheel-drive tow vehicle

Getting Hitched

If you mount an additional Class 3 hitch on the front of your two-wheel-drive tow vehicle, you can maneuver your boat trailer in tight places more easily when there's poor traction. Sometimes the grade or surface of the ramp is a challenge, especially if it's wet or oil-soaked. With a front hitch, your rear-drive wheels will be on dry surfaces. I have posi-traction on our ‘96 dodge with our 9,000-pound rig and never get stuck or spin tires. Many folks ask about our twin hitches. I reply, “We have two boats.”


Wound Up

Ask your hitch installer to avoid winding the wire for your lights around your fuel line under your car to reach the battery. It's impossible to get this undone later when you need to inspect or fix anything.


Swing Out

Long trailers take a narrower radius through turns than tow vehicles. If you forget this, you'll run over curbs. Swing out wide through turns to ensure your trailer and boat get safely around the corner.


Protect The Winch

A cheap, small barbecue grill cover makes a good cover for the winch on most trailers. Use a bungee or Velcro strap to tie the bottom closed. This keeps rain from repeatedly causing oxidation or the sun from rotting the strap.


Skeg Saver

If a transom saver doesn't fit your rig (often a problem with power catamarans), keep the motor elevated by tilting it up, inserting a pine (or other soft wood) two-by-four between the motor mount and the motor, then tilting the motor back down until it rests on the wood. Secure to prevent it falling out.


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