Install A Transducer Without Holes Below The Waterline

Published: Fall 2013

Two ways to install a transducer that won't compromise your hull.

Method 2: Shoot Through The Hull

If the bottom of your hull is solid fiberglass, meaning not cored, you can shoot through the hull by mounting a transducer inside the boat. I'm not a fan of epoxying a transducer directly to the inside of the hull, although it's definitely the easiest. I prefer to mount the transducer in a plastic pipe, then fix the pipe to the hull.

Fit a piece of plastic pipe to the hull where you want the transducer mounted. Put a wire brush on your drill and clean/ roughen the hull where the pipe will attach. Mount the transducer in the pipe in the same orientation you'd have it if it were hanging off the transom. Seal the mounting holes with the 5200. Leave a half-inch or so between transducer and hull.

Photo of a yogurt container making a nice bath for a shoot-through transducer
A cottage cheese or yogurt container can make a nice bath for a shoot-through
transducer if you don't have PVC pipe handy.

Swab the place of pipe attachment liberally with acetone. When dry, use 5200 to fix the pipe to the hull. Fill the pipe with water or antifreeze and you're done. If you want to keep the water/antifreeze in the pipe from evaporating, drip enough hot wax on the liquid in the pipe to seal it. I don't bother with the wax; I use water and only need to refill it once a season. Don't like the spot? Tear up the pipe, clean up the 5200 on the hull with the wire brush, and try another place.End of story marker


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