How To Build A Light Bar

By Tux Turkel
Published: Fall 2013

Now here's a foolproof, fairly simple way to make sure your salty trailer always has working lights.

Step 2: Build & Wire It

Photo of wires running from the light bar to the trailer plug need to be long enough to reach
Wires running from the light bar to the trailer plug need to be long enough to reach, but not so long that they hang on the ground or get knotted up.

Measure a 2x4 or similar lumber to fit across your gunwales. Decide where and how it will be secured to the boat.

Mount a basic trailer light kit on each end of the bar, as shown. Hook up the wires and the quick-connect plug lead in another workbox, with silicone-filled wire nuts. Use stainless insulated wire staples for a neat run across the bar. The wires running from the bar to the trailer plug should be long enough to comfortably reach, but not so long that they could rub on the ground or get tangled.

Step 3: Set The Bar

You might include screw eyes at each end of the bar, so it can be secured with cords around port and starboard stern cleats, for example. If you're worried about scratching your boat, pad the bar with bunk carpet.

Set the bar on the gunwales and secure it. Plug the bar into the pigtail on the trailer, and plug your forward connection into the vehicle. Now you have lights you can depend on!End of story marker

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