Gone Fishing

Photos By Lenny Rudow
Published: Fall 2013

According to a recent report, 60 percent of boats are purchased for fishing. A few of those even catch some.

Photo of a fishing boat

Chill Out

Always dump a tray or two of ice into the fish box before you head for the ramp. By the time you get there, the fish box will be chilled down a bit, and when you put in bags of ice to cool down the catch, it won't have the usual initial melt-off.


Fresh Thinking

Always rinse down your reels if they're exposed while trailering, just as you would after saltwater use. Blowing road grime always seems to make its way into moving parts.


Rod Squad

When putting fishing rods in the bed of a pickup to trailer down the road, always lay them with the butt end toward the front of the truck. Lain tip-first, they may break if you have to slam on the brakes and momentum carries them forward.


Fish Tranquilizer

Photo of fish catch on a boat deck

If you don't have a fish box aboard where your catch can go safely, a quick way to stop your big catch from flopping around is to blow, spray (with a spray bottle), or pour whiskey, rum, or vodka into its mouth and into its gills. This is easier if you can lift the fish by the leader.



Photo of fishing boat on a trailer

Net Profit

Never leave aluminum-handled landing nets in a vertical rod holder while trailering. The wind blast can be strong enough to bend the handle. They can also blow out on the highway. Secure well.


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