Onboard With Tom Neale


  • Bahamas anchorageThe Evening News Revisited

    For my evening news I'd rather watch the sun go down, the stars slowly brighten and the moon rise.

  • Tom and the outboard motorOutboard Motor Blues

    There have been all sorts of reasons my outboards haven't run, but none of them fit this OBM at this time.

  • Tom checking engineMy Kingdom For A Cotter Pin

    Cotter pins, like any other springy metal can become fatigued or may be weakened by corrosion, even if they are stainless.

  • Worn cutlass bearingBad Vibrations

    Vibrations can come from OK causes, but usually they come from problems ranging from small to huge to potentially catastrophic.

  • Wave WrapWave Wrap And Angle Anchoring

    There are certain times when your perfect anchorage unexpectedly turns into something far less than perfect.

  • Kid's swimming poolKeeping Old Fashioned Cool

    In our constant quest for comfort, we've come up with all sorts of other cool aids for boats.

  • First Spring boating runTen Things Not To Do For Spring Commissioning

    Here's how NOT to prepare for the upcoming boating season.

  • A towed dinghyReasons To Not Tow Dinghies

    There's been a lot written about how to tow dinghies. But it's best to not tow them if you can avoid it. Here's why.

  • Know your new equipmentUnexpected Side Effects With New Stuff

    Boating gear is improving. But watch out because sometimes they'll rise up and bite you.

  • Cruising fleetFleet Mentality

    Mariners have often sailed in fleets. War and pirates and grand explorations are good reasons for this. But there can also be danger in fleets.

  • Frozen creekIce On the Creek

    The ice may be beautiful, but it can also be spirit crushing and depressing.

  • Pink flamingo covered with snowWhere It's Warm

    Advice and tips for staying warm when cruising South in the winter.

  • Sailboat run aground on reefSelf-Insured

    People who brag about being "self-insured" are like people who brag about having the tools to perform brain surgery on themselves.

  • Different types of grabbersTricks I've Tried That Work

    Simple, lesser known tricks that make life aboard easier.

  • Photo of looking under the helmBrochure Savvy

    If you're buying a boat, the ads and brochures can be both very helpful but don't overlook the fun part.

  • Passing another boatEtiquette On The Water

    Sometimes there seems to be a difference between shore side etiquette and etiquette on the water. But maybe not.

  • Sailboat being towedMariners' Superstitions?

    People think that we boaters are unusually superstitious. We're not. We're just being careful.

  • Boat anchored offshoreWhat Is A Cruiser?

    When you said you were a cruiser, boaters had a pretty good idea of what you meant. Now the definition of the word has expanded.

  • DeBond on scored sealant of a portlightDeBond To The Rescue

    There are many "magic in a bottle" products available for boat jobs. The right product can save you a lot of hassle.

  • TidemindersStorm Tips

    These aren't hard to do and they may help to save your boat and your bank account.

  • Working on boat engineKeeping Control Of Boat Work

    When you leave your boat at a yard for work or hire marine service people to come aboard, it may be difficult to keep control of the job.

  • Working on boat kneelPlanning Work With The Boatyard

    The following are a few of the things you can do to help you have a good experience with that yard or service once you have chosen them.

  • Hull repairChoosing A Marine Service Provider

    Here are just a few of the lessons I've learned that may help you find someone with whom you'll be happy.

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