Fishy Footwork

Photos and Story by Steve Bowman

Chris Lane gets a leg up, beats everyone to the punch on St. Johns.

Photo of Chris Lane reeling in a bass

Batman and Robin may have made "POW!" famous years ago, but Chris Lane has repurposed the exclamation for 21st century fishing.

Photo of Chris Lane fishing a tournament

Photo of Chris Lane and cameraman

Photo of Chris Lane reeling in a bass

Lane, of Guntersville, Fla., is known for yelling out "POW!" when he boats a keeper of some girth. What a lot of folks may not know is that the 39-year-old also appears to be digging up some old Fred Astaire moves and sliding them into this century as well.

The always animated Lane is fun to watch when he's catching bass, even more fun when he's setting the hook. This isn't your Daddy's hookset by any stretch.

And it's doubtful Fred Astaire could pack the same punch or pow getting a fish in the boat. The footwork is graceful and powerful, even though we kind of want to add the warning, "Kids, don't try this at home."

Lane's acrobatic, one-footed hooksets allowed the 2012 Classic champion to dance his way to victory at the Bassmaster Elite on the St. John's River in March. Lane added plenty of "WHACK!" and "SPLATT!" as he bagged 90 pounds, 13 ounces, including a "POW, POW, POW" powerful Day 2 with 37-9.

As Robin might say, "Holy Hookset, Batman!"  End of story hook

— Published: Summer 2014

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