Louis C.K. Goes Aground

By Rich Armstrong

Comedian Louis C.K. is like every boater when it comes to mud and tides.

Comedian Louis C.K.Photo: Explaining/Flowizm (CC-BY-NC-SA)

There are some people in this world who tell a great story. Comedian Louis "C.K." Székely is known for his self-effacing humor and hilarious stories pulled from his life. A few years back, he ran soft aground while taking his two young daughters cruising for the first time on his new 34-foot Meridian sedan on New York City's Harlem River. He shared the tale with fellow comedian Jerry Seinfeld during an interview (see video here) on Jerry's online show, "Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee."

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"It was low tide. I didn't read the chart correctly. I'm in mud," Louis remembers, still mortified. "There's a park 30 feet away, people barbecuing. There's a park ranger and he yells, 'It's low tide. You're stuck 'til, like, midnight!'" Louis is left to deal with two crying, cold, hungry kids. "We can't run the generator so we can't cook the macaroni and cheese." The quicksand-like mud now surrounds his new boat. People ashore start recognizing him. They begin taking pictures.

Eventually, a local angler casts a fishing line from a police boat to Louis, who attaches a line. They haul it back to the police boat, and Louis hauls back a sack containing ... food for dinner! This keeps his scared kids happy while they wait ... and wait ... for the tide to turn. Next, a local liveaboard dives in, swims over, then crawls across the muck to Louis' boat. Muddy from head to toe, he teaches Louis how to get the boat out using the bow thrusters. They wiggle loose, then hightail it to deeper water. The next day, the local newspaper runs a photo of Louis on his stuck boat along with some mocking description.

Throughout the drama, all Louis is freaked about are his little girls, how he traumatized them, and how they now hate the boat he loves. "I say to my oldest, 'We have to come out on the boat again soon, so you can have a good experience.' And she says, 'We just had a good experience.' She was happy!" 

— Published: April/May 2017

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