February/March 2014


Thumbnail photo of recreational boaters all smilesConsumer Advocacy: Getting To Yes

A sampling of manufacturers and customer disputes over the last year that were resolved with with the help of BoatUS Consumer Protection.


Thumbnail photo of Bill and Jeri OakersonBoatUS Reports: Your Man Behind
The Scenes

Bill Oakerson's retirement from BoatUS, Chicago River cleanup, fishing line recycling exhibit at the Smithsonian and much more ...


Thumbnail photo of lab test samplesWhich Oil-Spill Products Work Best

A variety of products claim to remove or render harmless spills in water of oil, gas, or diesel, but do these deliver on their promises?


Thumbnail photo of abandoned boat ExodusThe Derelict Dilemma

The cost of removing derelict vessels from our waterways, even abandoned commercial vessels, often comes out of recreational boaters' pockets.