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Readers Stories

The Night Dan Richter Got More Than He Bargained For…

It started out simply enough, as a quick father-son nighttime fishing trip into Mexican waters. And then Dan drove his boat over an expensive tuna pen, and the Mexican Navy arrived…

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The Longest Day On The Lake

A gorgeous summer morning dawned on Lake Conroe outside Houston, Texas. My dad and I were lucky. We both had Sundays and Mondays off from work, and were enjoying the time together — boating, fishing, skiing, tinkering. I'd inherited…

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Lyn Morgan Is A Man In A Hurry

For many boaters, The Great Loop is a trip of a lifetime. People save and plan and anticipate for years. Walter Cronkite even wrote about how he yearned to take this near mythical journey. Books, websites and an entire community of enthusiasts offer…

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Poisoned At Sea

A nippy weekend cruise with two other boats to the scenic island of Captiva, Florida, nearly turned deadly for an older couple who'd snapped tight their cockpit side curtains when the weather off the Florida coast turned chilly on December 10…

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