Clean Water - Pumpout Education Just Got Easier

Talking shop about boat heads, pumping out, and no discharge areas is something almost no one looks forward to doing. No one except the BoatU.S. Foundation, that is, and we’ve got the tools to make educating boaters about onboard waste a little easier.

Three handy information cards are available: Basics of Boat Heads, Basics of Boat Pumpout, and Basics of No Discharge Areas. These single-panel info cards are simple and to-the-point, and lightweight enough to tuck into a slip bill, staple to new contracts, or post on a marina’s bulletin board.


A Few Ideas for using Basics of Info Cards:

  • Include them in your monthly or yearly slip bill.
  • Staple them to new slip contracts.
  • Post them in your Ship’s Store next to the head chemicals and toilet paper.
  • Publish the information in your marina or yacht club newsletter.
  • Post the info cards on your website.
  • Laminate them and attach them near your pumpout station.
  • Use the information in your next marina or boatyard staff training.
  • Post them on your marina bulletin board, or in the bathhouse or laundry room.
  • Hand them out at your next yacht club meeting.


Click on the each image to download a copy of the brochure in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat, download a free copy by clicking on the Adobe icon on the right. For quantity orders of these and other brochures, click here.