Scout Structure And Migration Routes

By Kurt Dove

Before you venture out on your next fishing trip, study your maps for structure that indicate good migration routes.

Pro angler Kurt Dove with a nice bass catch

When anglers decide they want to be more successful in catching bass they begin an education. We quickly learn there are distinct patterns and movements that the bass follow throughout the year, at least for the majority of the fish. Once anglers have learned and understand these patterns that the fish follow through the cycle of fish behavior and movement during different times of year, then we can be more successful.

Study Your Maps

These behavioral patterns and movement consist of several periods, winter to pre-spawn, and then the spawn followed by post-spawn, transitioning to summer and then fall, and ultimately starting the cycle over with winter again. I believe one major piece of the puzzle to locating fish many anglers are ignoring or not taking full advantage of is utilizing their knowledge of these behavioral patterns and movement to concentrate their fishing efforts in high percentage areas. Anglers should go back to the roots of map study to locate areas on a lake that have the structure and migration routes that are applicable to the seasonal behavioral patterns to be more successful bass anglers.

Before you venture out on your next fishing trip, study your maps for structure that indicate good migration routes. Be sure you utilize multiple mapping resources such as Google Earth, ACME Mapper and several paper maps. This will cross reference the information so you may understand it more clearly. This material may also give you hits or show you some cover that may be in the area. Once you have identified areas with good structure and fishing potential let's launch the boat.

Limiting your area of focus on a particular outing will assist with becoming intimate with a given area of the lake. Look for fishing cover like rocks, wood, docks or other fishy locations that are associated with the structure in the area you have decided to fish. You can get more out of your weekend fishing by putting some time into scouting and locating structure and migration routes. Once you put these two elements together and find good cover in the water then you have excellent possibilities for bass fishing success!

Enjoy your next fishing experience and be sure you take a kid fishing this year!