Reproducing What's Working

by Kurt Dove

Bassmaster Elite Series pro Kurt Dove shares tactics that are working at Lake Amistad that you may be able to use for fishing success on your home lake.

Bassmaster Elite Pro Kurt Dove fishing from his boat

It's summer and it's hot. We are in the middle of the “dog days of summer”. I’ve been to a lot of lakes all over the country and since fishing Lake Amistad for the first time in the winter of 2005, it never ceases to amaze me that most lakes in Texas, (and everywhere else for that matter), are tough as nails; although, at Lake Amistad we continue to catch high quantities of fish and it puts out high quality bass as well. Lake Amistad is a little piece of heaven on earth. I have often taken techniques and fishing tactics that have been producing at Amistad to other lakes at the same times of year and fished well in tournaments or just for fun.

Lake Amistad

I thought it would be great to share with you tactics that are working here at Lake Amistad and you may be able to reproduce the success on your home lake. Here are the best techniques and tactics currently working at Lake Amistad; in the early mornings there is a sporadic reaction bite. Here we have grass and in the really thick mats I am using an Optimum baits Furbit frog. When I fish scattered grass the bass are exploding on El Grande Lures Sapo frogs buzzed swiftly around the shallows. Shallow crankbaits, rattle baits, and spinnerbaits have been producing at times as well as creating the reaction bite for the morning feed.

After an hour or two burning up the trolling motor, another early pattern is the edges of the hydrilla grass in 10-15 feet. I have been tossing both straight and ribbon tail worms to the grass cover. The size of the worms can make a big impact on how many strikes you receive. Some mornings the bass seem to prefer a 7” worm and other mornings a 10” worm will produce better. When the sun moves higher around 10am I will switch to more finesse presentations if the wind allows for lightly weighted baits. The deep bite continues to be the most consistent as the afternoon hours arrive. Drop-shotting and some spooning work best around the deeper lake structures and ledges. These are ideas you may be able to use in your neck of the woods to produce some summer fishing success in your hometown.



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