Post Spawn Finesse

By Kurt Dove

Fishing the post spawn very rewarding if you have a good game plan and attack the conditions properly.

Where Is The Post Spawn Zone?

I hear from many anglers how tough fishing can be in post spawn conditions, and it can be. I believe most anglers are fishing in areas that are not holding many of the bigger female bass in the post spawn phase. Our tendencies are to be up on the bank because we saw the big girls there as they were spawning over the last month or so, and we are often conditioned to think they are still there. Yes, some are, but most are behind you out in that mid-depth 'no man's land' zone. They can be found around the deeper edges of the areas they used to spawn and they are typically not very aggressive ... that is where the finesse comes in.

When I say finesse I don't mean to imply you need to break out the spinning rod, at least not in all occasions. My best results happen when I down size my lures and slow down my presentations. The bites are very subtle this time of year as well so good concentration on the task at hand is very important to detecting the strikes.

My go to techniques are the Carolina rig with your favorite straight tail worm, Texas rig with very light weight and topwaters. The key to success with the Carolina and Texas rigs are to weight them as light as possible based on wind conditions. The lighter the weight the more natural appeal the lure will have as you present it to the bass. The light weight will also help you detect strikes that would otherwise go unnoticed. The topwaters are very effective if you can work to find the right presentations. The action you need to entice the strikes will change often in the post spawn phase. Surprising to some anglers, many fish will react to the lure while sitting still with no action at all! So be sure to vary your presentations until you dial in the right one for the conditions present.

Success is available in the post spawn phase of bass fishing, you may just have to alter your tactics to find it.