Heat Of Summer

By Kurt Dove

Make these tips part of your routine so you can enjoy long days in the summer out on your favorite lake while being comfortable and healthy for years to come.

Bassmaster Elite Series Pro Kurt Dove in his bass boat

Enjoy The Summer Heat But Be Safe

Typically we have a lot more time to fish during the summer … the problem, it is dang hot out there! Sure we can limit our outing to the mornings and evenings but I like to take advantage of a full day of fishing pleasure. Here are a few tips to keep you on the water:


Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Drink a good amount of water. I try to drink about 8 oz every hour. That will keep you hydrated and healthy for the entire day. The key is to begin drinking water as soon as you start your morning not just later on when you feel thirsty ... by then it is too late.


Make sure you apply your sun screen in the morning when preparing for your day. If you apply it at 10 or 11am ... it's too late ... the summer sun is strong and has already done a lot of damage to your skin. Be sure to re-apply about every 3 hours and that will keep your skin blocked from those harmful UV rays all day long.

Cool Packs

Be sure to take a cool pack or towel that you can set in your ice chest. Apply the cool pack to your neck a couple times during the day.This will help you feel comfortable in the hot conditions.

Wear Long Sleeve Shirts

Yes I said long sleeves. Clothing manufactures have such great technology at their disposal that they have made wonderful advancements in outdoor wear. I believe I am much cooler in long sleeves with the new fabrics rather than wearing those short sleeve cotton shirts of the past.


Make sure you wear a light weight cap. The new styles that have big flaps that cover your ears and neck will provide cool shade while you're fishing.

Jump In

Take a swim ... it is a great time of year to enjoy the water temps ... take a dip sometime during the day and cool off.