Detecting Signs Of Fall Fishing

By Kurt Dove

Fish are on the move and in transition in the early part of the fall season. Once mother nature lines up and fish see opportunities begin to materialize, anglers are in for a good time!

I often see the initial signs of Fall beginning to happen in the fishing environment at the end of August and early September. The most common sight I see occurs on my Lowrance electronics. Baitfish begin to migrate from the bottom of the lake and start suspending in the water column. The second thing I notice is how much shorter the daylight sticks around compared to just a few weeks ago. A third factor I take into consideration is the water temperature becoming cooler.


For me I typically start keying on the shad movements. Many shad will begin a migration into the creeks as the water temps start to cool. I like to begin and end my fall with shad imitation baits like topwaters, crankbaits, jerkbaits and swimbaits. These types of lures will keep you keyed in on what the fish are looking for ... shad!

Fish Shallow

Don't be afraid to fish shallow but over deep water in the middle of creeks. Often times this is where you will find a large concentration of shad and therefore bass. Slinging buzzbaits around shallow cover is also a great way to catch some bruisers in the fall. You might not get a lot of bites with the buzzbait technique but you will be happy with the quality.

Stop And Go

The best tip I can give an angler when fishing crankbaits in the fall is to be erratic. Stop and go retrieves are important for eliciting strikes in the fall months because there is so much food available. When fishing swimbaits in the fall I like to wind them with some added speed this time of year to make them more effective.

Look for the signs of fall on your local lake and don't get caught out there fishing deep when the bass might be moving up shallow sooner than you think!