Alternative Learning

By Kurt Dove

The internet is no doubt the best way to stay above the curve in learning new fishing techniques and in refining old ones.

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I turned 42 in September 2014, so I can remember the days before the internet and when it began. I still predominately referred to the huge hard back encyclopedias when I did a lot of my homework and research in middle school. For me it was sometime in high school the internet was making its way into mainstream daily life and by the time I was in college it was the only way to get the latest information.

Using Digital Information

Now with everything digital and being in the "new age", I continue to evolve my skills of how to acquire the most up-to-date information. The internet is no doubt the best way to stay above the curve in learning new fishing techniques and refining old ones. Over the past several years I have found myself leaning almost entirely on the internet and digital media to learn new information and, most importantly, how to use these tools to catch more fish!

Still, nothing replaces time on the water, but most of us can't get out there as often as we like so we need to use these tools to the maximum, that way the time we do spend on the water is rewarding. Here are a few examples: I recently began working with Bass Edge ( and streaming a monthly podcast on iTunes for everyone to learn different tactics and ways to attack seasonal. Bass Edge gets right to the point in speaking with other pros about how to catch more fish and attack different types of water ways.

The greatest attribute to podcasting is you listen when you have time and pick up right where you left off. There are several very good podcasts that teach how to fish. They are great ways to learn and pick up new tips and tricks when you are driving or in-between tasks at work or home. I have also found some interesting videos on YouTube and other websites. One of the most interesting has been a video on that teaches how to use geo-spatial technologies to obtain better recon information on lakes that I haven't visited but plan to. I have most importantly been learning more details about lakes I already fish on a regular basis. It is making me a much better angler.

It takes time to learn about these resources online because so often they are buried in a plethora of fishing information. Searching for this vast array of information online can give you the upper hand over your competition and will certainly help you keep your line tight once you get the opportunity to hit the water. So the next time you have a chance get online and check out these examples ... it will certainly open your eyes to how much detailed information you can learn through the internet.