Tom’s Tips About Diving Your Bottom

By Tom Neale, 7/8/2013

1. If you go swimming around your boat, do a little bottom checking if your skills and health are good for it and if it's safe. Even a few barnacles, especially on running gear, can slow you down.

2. Don't do this at a dock or boat where AC electricity is on. Take full precautions in this regard. Read the article entitled "ESD Explained" in the July 2013 edition of Seaworthy. Type ESD into the search block in the upper right hand corner of the BoatUS site and read all the material there about this very serious danger.

3. A paint scraper is usually a good tool for cleaning your prop and strut.

4. If you wipe slime off your hull with a rough rag or brush, you may take off more paint than you wish and shorten the life of your paint job.

5. I usually scrape off slime with light swipes with a wide paint scraper. The slime peels off leaving the paint underneath relatively untouched.

6. If you have an ablative paint, it's even more important to use the above procedure unless you think the paint needs some help.

7. Normally ablative paint sheds its outer layer as the boat moves, leaving a fresh "outer" layer ready to work for you, but as it gets older, a light wiping with a rag or brush may help.

8. New paints, such as Interlux Ultra with Biogard have ingredients that resist slime as well as growth and barnacles.



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