Tom’s Tips About Fixing Metal

By Tom Neale, 3/4/2013

1. It helps to have the right tools.

2. A set of hardened punches is invaluable. They may be used to make an indentation to avoid a drill bit "walking" to knocking out stuck pieces.

3. A hardened pick, such as a larch straightened fishhook will come in handy.

4. A Dremel tool is invaluable. The attachments with industrial diamond will cut even case hardened steel. Be patient and don't let the fitting get to hot. Withdraw if from the work frequently (probably every second or so) to avoid overheating and damage to the cutting attachment. Dremel tools work with speed, not pressure.

5. A set of stainless wire brushes, each with bristles of varying stiffness helps to clean metal.

6. Always follow instructions from the manufacturers when you use these or other products. Success and, more importantly, safety require it.

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