Toms Tips About ICW Traveling

By Tom Neale, 12/8/2011

1. Some boaters start out with the concept that it’s going to be something like going south on I 95. This is a recipe for disaster.

2. Navigating on the ICW requires constant attention. It is seldom a relaxing experience. At times it can be fairly relaxing, as when you’re in a wide deep empty river or sound, but this isn’t the norm.

3. Use more than one resource. We use paper charts and two chart plotters as well as guide books.

4. Don’t depend on even good guide books to always give you correct information. Things change quickly. Online accounts of shoaling or problems can be very helpful if from reliable sources because these can be updated easily.

5. Often you can ask skippers who have just gone through a tricky area about their experience and this is often very helpful. But remember, it’s very seldom that any of us admits to going aground because we screwed up. Almost everybody says they went aground “right in the middle of the channel.”



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