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Tom’s Tips About Keeping Up With Shore News

By Tom Neale, 8/18/2011

Tom’s Tips About Keeping Up With Shore News

1. With new HD TV and a mast top antenna that’ll bring it in, we’ve found that it’s much easier to get good news and other info from land based TV stations as we travel up and down the coast. And we get many more stations.

2. We’ve even found that we seldom plug in to cable when we tie at a marina, because we seldom need to with the new HD services.

3. We still have satellite TV capability, and that’s invaluable in exceptionally remote anchorages, particularly in areas such as the Bahamas and even some places along the east coast.

4. SSB and other long range receivers are relatively inexpensive to bring in news from far offshore.

5. Cruisers’ Nets can also be helpful. Tune in and listen, even if you don’t talk.

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