Toms Tips About Picking up Moorings

By Tom Neale, 8/4/2011

1. Many mooring operators omit pennants because of the high incidence of theft of pennants. You have to attach your own line to the steel ring or shackle at the mooring ball.

2. Unless you have a very low bow, skilled, strong and dexterous mooring catcher, skilled skipper and very good communications, as with a bow to bridge radio, you should probably plan to launch a dinghy to hook your line to the mooring buoy if there isn’t a pennant.

3. Even with a pennant it can be quite difficult to pick it up with a boathook if there’s a lot of wind and seas. I once saw a very large vessel secure its mooring by wrapping the mooring chain in its prop.

4. Consider rigging a bridle to the mooring ball, particularly if your boat has a tendency to swing on the wind a lot. But don’t exceed swinging scope needed.

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