Toms Tips About Tools

By Tom Neale, 7/21/2011

1. Don’t buy cheap tools. They’ll likely break or damage the equipment you use them on.

2. Be careful about buying “complete” tool packages. Usually the contents are cheap and often they include a lot of tools that you’ll never use.

3. Do buy sets such as a set of wrenches open at one end, closed at the other and a set of socket wrenches. You’ll probably need metric as well as standard.

4. It’s usually best to buy basic tools first and add to your arsenal as you develop your skills and understanding of the things you might need to work on and that you feel confident working on.

5. Basic tools might include but are not limited to screw drivers of varying sizes and types, wrenches (open and box), ratchet wrenches, Allen wrenches, pliers, needle nose pliers, wire cutters, crimpers, hammer, inspection mirror on wand and at least one very good flash light.

6. A good solvent for loosening bolts is invaluable. Examples include CRC Freeze-Off (great stuff in my opinion), Kroil and WD-40.

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