Toms Tips About Removing Exterior Strainers

By Tom Neale, 4/14/2011

1. Removing exterior through hull strainers can present serious issues, but, nevertheless, they should be removed periodically so that they and the through hull can be cleaned inside and painted with a coating appropriate to the metal surface.

2. These are usually screwed into the hull. Fiberglass hulls can only take so many screwings and unscrewings before the hull begins to break down around the holes making it difficult for the screws to bite.

3. Examine your screw holes carefully and if this seems to have developed, rebuild them with a suitable hard filler. This may be a good idea anyway as preventative maintenance.

4. Even if the above hasn’t become an issue, there’s always the issue of screw penetration into the laminate or, worse, coring, which can allow water to seep inside, causing problems such as delamination, blisters, rot or core decomposition in the area.

5. To prevent this simply seal around the screws where they enter the hull with an appropriate under water sealant such as Boat Life’s Life Caulk that will keep the water out but won’t make it too difficult to remove the strainers next time.

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