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Chartering with Tania

For 12 years, Tania Aebi and Jill London have been professionally leading sailing flotillas to island groups and countries of the world, first as Women For Sail, then as TASA (Tania Aebi's Sailing Adventures), then with the sailing magazine, Latitudes & Attitudes, and now again, as W4S. Under whichever banner, their cruising destinations have included the Saronic, Cyclades, and Ionian Islands of Greece; coastal Turkey; Corsica and Sardinia; The French and Italian Rivieras; The Balearic Islands; The Grenadines; The Seychelles; Thailand; The Bahamas; New Zealand; and Croatia.

Sailing 38-60 foot boats from harbor to harbor anywhere on the planet is a uniquely rewarding type of travel, says Tania, and we still haven't found a better way to discover new lands and to meet fascinating people, aboard and ashore.

Its true. The women who have visited these island nations with Jill and Tania, who have been introduced by the sea to fascinating histories, stunning vistas, charming people, vivid colors, lively sounds and delicious foods, keep coming back for more and bringing along more of their friends each time. Jill and Tania make these trips hands-on live-aboard experiences for all, where everyone can participate as much or as little as they like, from hauling anchor to setting sails, to navigating, shopping, cooking dinner or working on the perfect tan. No matter your level of experience, you are welcome.

Their next trip (already sold out, sorry) will take place among the French Polynesian islands of Raiatea, Tahaa, Bora Bora and HuahineMarch 5-15, 2008. They are, however, looking ahead to 2009 and discussing a trip together in Vietnam, another destination that comes highly recommended!

Don't miss the next boat. If you are interested in signing up for one of their adventures, and would like to be added on their mailing list to be notified about any developing plans, please write with an email or mailing address to:

Tania Aebi
77 Kallberg Drive
Corinth, VT 05039
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