About Liz and Tom

Tom Morkin and Liz Tosoni. In 1985, this intrepid couple left their secure and comfortable jobs in Vancouver aboard their 41-foot ketch for, as Liz calls it, “a little 18-month cruise” before settling down to home-ownership, mortgages, family -- the whole shebang.

Their employers had even offered them their jobs back upon their return. Well, they set off, fell in love with the cruising life, and never came back! Here it is, 25 years later, and they're still cruising, still learning, still excited about the exploring life.

During more than two decades, Liz and Tom have sailed to 45 fascinating countries, found meaningful professional work in six of them, and have many tales to tell and tips to share -- their own and some gleaned from other veteran cruisers.

Come join this extraordinary adventure as Liz and Tom cruise the world aboard their 51-foot Feel Free, and tell us how they make it all work.