Tom's Tips About Tools

1. I don’t ever buy those classy looking suede lined “made for the perfect yachtsman” tool kits. I want tools that suit the jobs on my boat, rather than the tools that suit some marketer’s idea of what will be most likely to sell on a shelf of pretty things.

2. Cheap tools are a bad investment. The can damage components (such as a cheap wrench rounding off a bolt head), damage you (like your knuckles) and break at just the wrong time.

3. Lots of manufacturers seem to be giving a “lifetime warranty” on their tools. This doesn’t do you much good when you’re miles from nowhere out on your boat and the thing breaks. This is another reason to buy tools that you know are well made (even if they usually cost more).

4. Unless I simply don’t have time (like when I’ve got to abandon ship really fast because I just screwed up the job) I always clean my tools after use. Gritty greasy tools can cause problems when you have to do the next job in a really big hurry. Also, tools should be well maintained as well as the rest of your equipment.

5. Some jobs require specialty tools that aren’t readily found (and that cost a fortune when you do find them). For example an offset or angled wrench may be needed to gain access to some component on your engine. It’s a good idea to check components that you may need to work on or remove and to see if you can access the bolts with what you have.

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