Avenues of Escape---From the Cold
By Tom Neale

There are all sorts of charter opportunities ranging from local day trips in small boats, to shared ocean passage trips as crew, to chartering a boat for a week or more. Here are a few examples. I’m not recommending any group, boat, or charter company over another because I go south on my own boat and don’t charter and so haven’t checked them all. I’m just throwing these out so that maybe they’ll start you to looking for a break in the cold, or at least considering the possibilities and different types of things you can do. Always ask for references and investigate thoroughly.

1. BoatUS charters (800 477 4427) or www.BoatUS.com offers to hook you up with a wide variety of boats and places.

2. Cross The Ocean, Inc. says that it will arrange ocean crossing passages on a Hylas 44 sailboat, which was featured in “Storm Stories” on The Weather Channel.

3. International Yacht Charter Group www.internationalyachtchartergroup.com says that it books luxury trips on mega yachts. These represent the very high end type of yachts.

4. The Moorings is an example of the large charter companies which have boats in many locations around the world. www.moorings.com

5. Offshore Passage Opportunities (800 472 7724) www.sailopo.com says that it links captains needing delivery crews to people who want that experience, and also does other things like finding crews for boats making passages in rallies.

6. Southwest Florida Yachts is an example of the more localized companies. It specializes in the beautiful southwest coast of Florida. www.yachtworld.com/swfyachts/swfyachts_0.html

7. Check the ads in the boating magazines.

8. Get Warm.

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