About High Places

1. Remember that the effect of wakes and rolling will be much greater the higher up you go.

2. If you have to go up a mast try to do so in a land locked marina.

3. Try to limit your excursions to locations where there is easily accessible good medical help should it be needed.

4. Try to limit your excursions to locations where there is good mechanical help if needed. Winches and pulleys, for example, can jam.

5. Never go up a mast by yourself. Always have at least one physically able helper on deck who also has an understanding of the issues.

6. If a winch is used (and it probably will be) a second helper should be available on deck to tailóeven if the winch is a self-tailer.

7. No helper should stand directly below the person working up the mast, unless absolutely necessary. Items dropped can be lethal.

8. The person going up the mast should take an extra small line to let down so that the deck crew can send up items that may be needed that you forgot.

9. Donít skimp on any safety precautions. These should include but are not limited to a well made bosunís chair in good condition, a well made harness designed and made for this purpose and secured to the mast or other appropriate points at all times, an extra halyard secured to your harness or bosunís chair with the slack adjusted by a deck helper as you ascend and descend, having all halyards and standing rigging and other related gear in good shape, and carefully secured knots or snap shackles.

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