About Bites and Scrapes

1. Anytime you work under or about the water, youíre extra likely to get bites, cuts or scrapes.

2. The risk of infection and other complications from these is relatively high, and some of the infections can be more than just inconvenient. They can be fatal.

3. Wear heavy duty gloves to protect your hands. I like to wear those with a heavy rubber coating or even heavier protection. Wear dive suits with long legs and arms to protect body parts such as your elbows from scraping against barnacles or other rough surfaces.

4. Remember that as you kick to hold in place thereís a likelihood of kicking nearby pilings or parts of the boat or perhaps an oyster shell on the bottom. So wear flippers that completely cover the feet (or have dive boots under those flippers that donít).

5. If you get an abrasion or cut, watch it very carefully and consider that itís a serious problem until you know otherwise. At the slightest hint of trouble see a doctor with experience in diagnosing and treating marine related infections and other complications.

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