Cleaning Anchor and Chain

1. The better the mud for holding, the harder itíll be to clear from your gear. Be glad that your problem is cleaning it up, not trying to deal with a collision or grounding from dragging anchor.

2. If you install a wash down pump buy one thatís designed for the purpose and that has high pressure and volume. Use sea water, not the fresh water from your tanks. Youíll deplete that soon. Install it well and properly. It may be living in a wet and unfriendly environment.

3. Often the mud on the last few feet of chain and on the anchor can be cleaned by dragging it through the water for a moment or two after the anchorís free from the bottom.

4. But be very careful that the anchorís well clear of the bottom so it wonít snag as you move and do damage. Take care that neither it nor the chain impacts or entangles with any part of your hull or running gear or the bottom.

5. If you do drag your gear through the water, go very slow and only drag a few feet of chain. More may create too much stress on the windlass and anchoring gear.

6. Moving the boat in a circle will keep the anchor and chain off to the side, lessening the chance of itís impacting or tangling with the boat.

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