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How to Post a Recipe/Make a Comment

One of the benefits of the BoatUS What's Cooking? website is that BoatUS Members can add their favorite recipes to the site and post comments on others. To help ensure you can post recipes and comments easily, here are the steps:

Posting a Recipe

  • From BoatUS.com/Cooking, click on Member Recipes (left side)
  • Register (click on Accept)
  • Login (Follow directions here, then you will be logged in)
  • Go to What's Cooking?
  • Click on Post New Recipe
  • Author: your login name will appear here
  • Title: enter your recipe name here (limit 50 characters)
  • Category: choose recipes
  • Tags: choose an appropriate tag, for ex. lunch, dinner, snacks
    * Please choose from tags on tag list
  • Content: copy and paste your recipe into this space.


  • If you wish to add a photo, please use the insert/edit image button photo in the top, right corner of Content box.
  • Please limit photo size to 288px (width) x 432 px (height)
  • As a guide, we typically use 300px (width) x 220 px (height)
  • Photos should be formatted as a jpg or a gif.
  • Click "Upload" and Browse to access the appropriate folder on your computer
  • Click on "Send it to Server"
  • Please place it at the top of the content box, as it will then have the most visibility
  • Click Save and your recipe will be uploaded.

Posting a Comment

  • You must be logged in to post a comment, please see above for directions
  • In the recipe comments box below the relevant recipe, type in your comment
  • Click on Submit Comment.


When entering your name on the What's Cooking? site, please use your full name as you would like it to appear in the"Newest Chefs" area. If you have problems with posting photos, please email us at CWyngaard@BoatUS.com and we will post them for you. Please note, the size of the photos may be adjusted to meet the specifications of the site.  

Thank you,

BoatUS Web Team