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About Lori

Lori Ross Welcome to our exclusive cooking site, featuring the stories and recipes from one of the boating world’s most accomplished cooks. We have posted 35 great columns by Lori Ross, who, for five years was the acclaimed food-and-wine editor of PassageMaker magazine. Exclusively on our BoatUS site, we’re pleased to present Lori’s stories, as well as her entire recipe archive and photos.


Food and water — usually of the salt variety — and a happy marriage have been tied up in Lori Ross’s life for years. She fell in love with her husband, Jim, and Chesapeake Bay crab cakes the same year, when he was teaching her to sail. Six months later, in the afterglow of a fabulous dinner, they decided to buy their first sailboat, a 24-foot Hinterhoeller-designed Shark. Even her husband’s wedding proposal six months later came over an onboard dinner of emergency provisions when they found themselves fogbound and anchored at Duck Island on Long Island Sound.

For their 20th wedding anniversary they made their first of many runs to the Bahamas on their 42-foot Grand Banks trawler and fell in love again — this time with fresh conch and Bahamian hot sauce.

So it’s no surprise that now, with a fully provisioned galley on their 55-foot Fleming, and with decades of savory meals behind her, Ross has a wealth of experience on how to make the perfect meal aboard.