Marketing & Advertising


Getting your boat shipshape in terms of cosmetics and repairs is the first step towards getting her sold. Getting the word out is the next step.

  • Internet boat sales websites are an obvious choice, but don't overlook national boating publications, as well as yacht club bulletin boards and class association newsletters.
  • Prepare a complete list of the accessories that will convey with the boat.
  • Be prepared to show prospects your original bill of sale, certificate of documentation or state title, as well as maintenance and repair records. Buyers may also be interested in your insurance costs, so they can estimate their own expenses.
  • Post "For Sale" signs on your boat but be aware that some marinas will automatically charge you a commission if you sell your boat. Check your slip or storage agreement.
  • Be there for buyers! Answering machines are handy, but a live person is better when it comes to selling. Return messages promptly. Keep records of who you talk to and follow up on inquiries.

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