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Spring 2013

'Stuff Happens'

Testimonial from Kim Stricker

Photo of Danny Stricker getting assistance from TowBoatUS Lake Lanier
Danny films Capt. Robert Estrada of TowBoatUS Lake Lanier in action.

With the hours we spend on the water and the complexity of modern apparatus, odds are eventually equipment will malfunction and you’ll need some assistance.

I personally know the comfort of having help at hand. Last month, while shooting Hook n’ Look on Georgia’s Lake Lanier, the inevitable took place. I found myself requiring assistance onthe water.

What’s ironically coincidental is that BoatUS ANGLER Brand Manager Steve Levi just happened to be my guest. My son Danny kept the camera running as I called for assistance. Quickly my request was dispatched to TowBoatUS Capt. Robert Estrada at nearby Lanier Harbor Marina, and he was shortly en route.

What made this incidence even more unusual was the previous day I interviewed Estrada for the show, totally unaware I would require his assistance the next day.

As fishermen, we all know confidence is crucial to peak angling success. As a BoatUS ANGLER member, I have less to worry about and can focus on the task at hand knowing I’m prepared. Because face it, stuff happens.

—Kim Stricker, Host of Hook n’ Look 


Zona & Cockburn: 'On the Razor's Edge'

Photo of BoatUS ANGLER Pro Staff member Mark Zona and contest winner Travis Cockburn

Southern Illinois’ Travis Cockburn is a highly accomplished outdoorsman. The 40-year-old insurance man  has cashed many tournament paychecks in regional events, and he recently arrowed one of the largest whitetails in Illinois history.

Still, no amount of experience can compensate for a dropped cylinder in your outboard when you are 50  miles from the weigh-n ramp. That’s what happened to Cockburn during a Bassmaster Weekend Series, and one call to BoatUS ANGLER saved Cockburn’s season.

“It didn’t take me long to realize what an awesome value a BoatUS ANGLER memberships is,” he said. “They dispatched help, and they had me back just in time to weigh my fish, save some points, and qualify for the regional championship.”

Cockburn became such a believer in BoatUS ANGLER that he wrote a sweepstakes winning testimonial, landing him an outing with Mark Zona of The Bassmasters TV show, Zona’s Awesome Fishing Show, and a BoatUS ANGLER Pro Staff member.

 “Travis and I flirted with the razor’s edge of disaster when I offered him a gambler’s chance to stop fishing and make what I called the Old Spice Hot Sauce Move of the Day,” Zona said, “and race to a lake I thought could be even better. Key word there is ‘thought’ – no guarantees.”

It was anything but a bomb. Instead, Cockburn and Zona proceeded to whack 4- to 6-pound smallies on nearly every cast until near darkness. Cockburn said his rescue and the Zona outing are his two most memorable BoatUS ANGLER associated days. Both played out along a sharp edge between falling short and celebration.

Signing up for BoatUS ANGLER and becoming eligible for their “Weigh-to-Win” tournament cash bonuses like Travis did is easy, visit www.BoatUSFishing.com, or just call Kendell at (918) 742-6424.


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BoatUS ANGER Pro Staff Mark Zona Mark Zona

BoatUS ANGLER Pro Staff member, Bassmaster Series co- host, and host of "Zona's Awesome Fishing Show". Read Mark Zona's blog