Crazy Catches
Anybody who’s wetted a line for any amount of time has reeled in something weird, and some things are just weirder than others.

Gear & Tackle

Browning Opens Up
Thumbnail photo of Stephen Browning's tacklebox
Arkansas bass pro Stephen Browning shows what he throws. Take a look inside his tacklebox..


Flat Busted
Thumbnail photo of an angler with a spotted trout
You know they’re out there – your speckled trout, your redfish, maybe a snook or two – but it’s not exactly a lights-out start to your day. The water looks good and the weather’s not too funky, but where, oh where are those fish?


Angler Reports
Thumbnail photo of a channel marker
BoatUS Is Fighting To Make Sure Fishermen And Boaters Can Stay On Course.


Mark Zona: Hunting the Elusive Donkey

When you see the really giant bass caught, it's generally this time of year, from early spring to late spring. That window of opportunity is better than the rest. Now you can go out the rest of the year and catch a big bass, but spring is the prime time to catch a giant. Read More

Thumbnail photo of Stephen Browning with Bassmaster trophyTarget Bass With Browning

Now, you have a chance at LIVETARGET Elite Pro-angler Stephen Browning taking you fishing for the day, showing you one his favorite lakes this fall if you’re the lucky winner of the “Target Bass with Browning” contest, sponsored by BoatUS ANGLER and LIVETARGET lures. Read More

BoatUS ANGLER Featured Video

Chasing Redfish in Venice, Louisiana, with the crew from Venice Fishing Lodge plus Steve and Mike from BoatUS ANGLER.


BoatUS ANGLER Braggin' Board
The Braggin' Board
Check out our Fall 2013 monthly winners,
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Tommy Sanders Q & A
Question: Will the bass survive after this cold winter?

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