Dina Murray

Membership Programs Manager

Dina Murray, Membership Programs Manager - BoatUS
What do you do at BoatUS?

I'm proud to say I help BoatUS grow! My responsibilities include the recruitment of new Members and the retention of current Members which includes the design and analysis of renewal bills, direct mail, advertising and other creative materials. I work with a team that designs and maintains the look of the Membership card kit.

Crew Member Since:


What is the most unusual phone call or assignment you've been given while at BoatUS?

I've had several unusual phone calls related to the Theft Reward program. My advice to anyone that owns a boat, do not give your boat key to someone unless you co-own the boat with them or they are your spouse. Ex's and casual friends can sometimes become vindictive after a broken relationship or hurt feelings.

What's your favorite thing to do while boating?

Boating to me is now all about relaxing. I enjoy just cruising to no where in particular with family and friends. Growing up boating meant work. We used to go out in my family's 21' Seabird and go shrimping at Shackleford Banks. Shrimping is a lot harder than it seems. We had shrimp many nights which I complained about – but now I could eat them every night.

What is your favorite vacation spot?

I'm a little bit city and a little bit country so my tastes run from New York City to Emerald Isle, North Carolina! Although growing in popularity Emerald Isle is still pretty rural compared to the Outer Banks – and I hope it stays that way. I grew up on the Coast so I'm happy any where close to the water but I enjoy the theatre, great food and shopping in New York City too – and am always ready to give travel advice on either destination.